Own your space

When I was younger, I experienced some notable energetic intrusions into my personal space. I usually found these events to be disturbing and unsettling. It didn’t occur to me then that there might be permission in my space that allowed this sort of thing to happen. I supposed that there were energetic extroverts who could and would do whatever they pleased to the rest of us.

When I trained in clairvoyant reading, my cohort and I were subjected to all kinds of “large” and aggressive energies, spirit guides and boundary-less reading subjects. But we were given tools to manage these experiences and to clear out after them. We found and healed the permissions that kept us from fully having our own boundaries.

In doing this work, I gained in personal seniority – which meant ownership of my space. If you struggle to own your space, keep your boundaries, or trust your own information, then a reading might be just the thing you’re looking for. You can fully own your space. A new level of seniority awaits you!

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