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Frequently Asked Questions

I know you have questions and I love answering them. Below are some of my most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question answered here, make sure to fill out our FAQ form and I will get your question answered within 48 hours.

Zev Questions

Are you psychic? Why you?


I don’t have a single, definitive answer for why me, but I will say that I have a gift for communicating other people’s “stuff” to them and I’ve trained to do so in a neutral way so that I provide information in a context that you can hear. I consider it an honor to combine my talents with the creative engine of the universe and provide healing for a client. That’s more important to me than why. Everybody has some kind of gift, right?

How is being psychic possible?

How is speaking language and understanding the words of others possible? Beyond mere cognitive function, there is a deeper comprehension of what someone is saying to you. Call it consciousness, call it awareness. Why wouldn’t it be possible to be psychic?

Did you always know you were psychic?

Not overtly – I wasn’t aware that this was something I could do from birth. But in my twenties I started to realize that I had a knack for knowing the next layer of the onion.

Where did you do your training?

I completed the two year Clairvoyant Training Program at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco

What am I thinking about right now?

None of my business. I am not a mind reader. I get my own information about your process and how I can assist you to make a quantum leap.

O.k. – you’re thinking about tacos.

What other supernatural skills do you have?

I’m musically inclined and I write, take photos, and make art.

Do you read people all the time in your daily life?

No. I’ve learned to ground and center so that I can maintain my awareness within my aura. This is something I can help you to achieve so that you can retake your rightful ownership of your mental, energetic, and spiritual space.

Can you communicate with the deceased? Ghosts? Angels?

The Deceased: The short answer is sometimes. If they come through or are available, I am able to perceive pictures and communication from the departed.

Ghosts: Yes.

Angels: Every now and again angels show up in a reading.

What about all those psychics who are full of shit?

It’s a profession and calling-like any other. If you think about it, there are incompetent people in all kinds of fields. The ignominious connotations of psychic and clairvoyant have no bearing on what I aim to do – which is to help you see it through, recognize and achieve your ambitions. As a person, I must sometimes face reactive judgement from some folks for all the eons of B.S. perpetrated by charlatans and huxtors. But it’s the price of being in this line of work, and every profession has some kind of piper to pay.

Intuitive Reading Questions

What Are Readings Good For?

Readings can fulfill a wide variety of needs, such as:

  • Getting grounded and centered
  • Removing blocks to getting one’s highest information
  • Exploring and healing relationship dynamics
  • De-charging pictures (triggers and issues) around a limitless array of subject matter and blocks
  • Body/being disconnects and dysfunctions
  • Creative blocks and collaboration issues
  • Changing what you are attracting to your space
  • Manifesting the romantic or platonic love that you’d like to experience
  • Healing childhood wounds and family dynamics
  • Pet issues
How to Get the Best Reading?

This process works best when you are genuinely open to being read. That doesn’t mean that you have to be feeling good or whole or anything for that matter. Only that there is permission to allow the pictures and wounds to be seen. For my part, it is an ethical imperative for me that I will only look at whatever I have permission to see.

How Does a Session Work?

Sessions are conducted in-person or by phone. To begin a reading, I will ask for permission to look at your energy. If permission is granted, I will ask what you’d like to look at, and then I will follow your being’s lead to help you heal whatever is coming up in that moment. I’ll describe pictures I see, be they present or past life, symbolic or literal. I’ll detail what I perceive in your energetic system and the patterns the present themselves in your space.

The last part of the reading will be a healing that takes the charge off of pictures, and may include a healing of any body programming (pictures sitting in your body), your electrical system, the energetic channels of your body, or anything else that is ready to be healed.

Can I Take Notes or Record the Session?

Absolutely! If you’d like me to provide the recording, I will need to know prior to the start of your session, and there is a small fee.

Are you 100% Accurate?

I can make no guarantees in this regard, especially since results will vary with regard to permission, and other factors. But I do guarantee that I will have meditated for your  session and prepared myself and the space to provide you the most safe, supportive, and healing experience I can.

What Are the Tools You Use in your Sessions?

I do not use any cards or other physical symbol sets to do readings. During a session I am in a neutral trance state, as open and connected to my highest self as I can be. The tools I use are energetic ones.

What are the Most Common Questions Asked?

The most common questions asked are typically surrounding career, relationship, and health. However, in over ten years of experience, they’ve really run the gamut.

Is there Anything You Won't Cover?

I will not provide any future time information, as it is only a series of probabilities that can play out an infinite number of ways. However, I can look at the present or past around most issues, and more importantly, I can examine any attachment to outcome that keeps you guessing and grasping at future time. This can be quite healing and improve the capacity to be with the present moment and experience life.

I will also not give advice, because I don’t know what’s best for any other person. To do either of these things would create inappropritate responsiblity and as such, it’s not a clean way to read.

Do I Need to Send Photos or a List of Questions Prior to our Session?

No, it’s essential that I am neutral for your reading, so I’d prefer not to receive any questions or materials prior to your session. However, if you’re uncertain that I can answer the sort of question you have, then in that case, it would be alright to check-in and ask in advance.

Meditation Questions

What is Meditation?

There are many forms of meditation, getting one’s awareness centered. The form that I teach can help you to achieve a new baseline of calm, clarity, safety, and knowingness.

What are the Benefits of Meditating Daily?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of daily meditation is gaining some level of de-identification with the monkey-mind that endlessly overflows with thought. The ability to observe the mind as part of the self, rather than the sum of us, is an enormous gift.

Meditation is also an equally great way to get your aura set-up so that you can be senior in your space, get your highest information, be more present, and get clear on the kind of day you’d like to manifest.

Is there a Best Time to Meditate?

Results may vary, but the short answer is, when you have the energy to do so. A late night meditation has a very different feel than a morning one. The ambient energy level of the world and place and in which you reside is constantly changing. The more fluent we become with meditation, the more we can practice it with ease and eyes wide open as we move through our day. And that’s kind of the point of the practice.

Where is the Best Place to Meditate?

Defintely Argetina. Just kidding. It’s helpful to be seated in a comfortable chair with your spine straight and unshoed feet making contact with the earth. Also, a dedicated space that is realtively dark and quiet is ideal when first learning to meditate. Meditating in the same safe and inviting space will help to create a groove that keeps you coming back for more.

Can I Listen to Music while Meditating?

Certainly. However in my experience, non-instrumental music can be distracting.

What Does it Mean to Make Your Mind Blank?

It’s not practical or easy for most of us to sit and instantly make our minds blank. We must begin where we are and work with the mind as it is, using deliberation and intent to divest ourself from the mind’s grasp. It’s not about making the mind blank, it’s about getting into a state where the mind can relax into the experience of itself in peace.

How Do I Learn to Meditate?

There are an endless variety of models for how to learn meditation. The one that I can guide you in will show you how to use simple visualization techniques to effect powerful change within yourself. All that’s required is a willingness and curiosity to know yourself and be more in-charge of you.

What's the Most Difficult thing about Meditating?

Getting your self into that chair and doing it. The rest will unfold as it will, and the journey can become quite enjoyable and beautiful.

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