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Welcome to my interactive readings page, below you will find out more about what you can expect when you are working with me.

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A reading is an opportunity to refocus at the energy levels of validation and permission.

Force isn’t the way to catalyze good alignment. We can’t force our issues into oblivion any more than we can force our shoulders into good postural position.  So how can we change things that have been stuck for so long – a pattern that keeps attracting the same results into our lives?

The key lies in your energy, body, and the pictures that structure your mind/body consciousness.

We are energetic beings. The body and mind run on the ever firing impulses of billions of interconnected pathways. The configuration in which these pathways are structured, at the spiritual/energetic level, is comprised of a vast series of “pictures” about yourself, others, and the world, all held within the aura, or energetic body. In order to change ourselves and the way we interact with the world, it’s imperative to focus at the root level of manifestation – the pictures that encompass our spiritual and physical space.

A yellow flower growing out of a rock.
A cloudy sky over the ocean.

Together we can de-energize and release patterns that conflict with your authentic Self.

With your permission, I will see this structure and describe it in detail.  Together we can de-energize and release patterns that conflict with your authentic Self.  I will facilitate and help you to let go of pernicious patterns and blocks by gaining insight into how they arise, so that you can make lasting separations from information and energy that isn’t yours. In essence, it is my goal to help you give yourself permission to let go of that which no longer serves.

How to Plan for a Session

For a typical 1-hour session, it can be helpful to consider 3 questions or topics which you’d like to look at. It doesn’t matter if one question is easier to frame than another.  All three questions tend to be linked in one way or another as the larger narrative of your current growth cycle. If you don’t have specific questions but know that it’s time to do a general reading to look at what’s going on in your current growth cycle, that’s great too.


In order to provide a professional and neutral reading, I do not read the future nor do I give advice. To do either would be to take inappropriate responsibility for my clients. I am not a fortune teller and do not see any sort of definitive future, in that by its very nature, the future is only a set of probabilities that has not yet solidified. I do not give advice because as I see it, it’s up to each of us to make our own choices – it seems to me that’s the whole point of being a free and responsible human being, and it’s my goal to provide a reading that will help my clients experience the greatest level of personal freedom possible.


My Commitment:

✓  I prepare for every reading by meditating and clearing my energetic system.

This enables me to be present and receptive to the pertinent information you’d like to know about. It’s my goal to give you the reading that best meets your needs right now.

✓  I can only see whatever you give me permission to see.

I work from a neutral and compassionate perspective to help you get your desired information and to concisely relate it’s message for you.

✓  I am committed to client confidentiality.


Sessions are available in person, by phone, or via skype.
Distance does not diminish the efficacy/accuracy of a reading.

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