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Having been a client of many truly outstanding therapists and healers along my own journey of growth, I have a profound respect for the art of holding space for others. And so I count myself tremendously honored to provide consultant readings for professional therapists, social workers, massage therapists, and energy healers. Sometimes we may struggle to be neutral when our own triggers are set off. When this is the case, a healing can help you to identify where you may be experiencing internal conflict, to validate what’s there, and release what no longer serves, and to acknowledge what may need change.


In a reading we can examine how you engage your process and what your resistance looks like. We can look at the places where doubt assails, and heal the parts of you that are blocked off from having your own information. Once you combine your knowingness with your given craft or modality, or move out any non-permissions to be in your authentic power and own your space, you may can create a new relaxed space for mindfulness in your process.

As a psychotherapist for the past 12 years, I can honestly say that my professional life has gotten much more rewarding since starting to work with Zev. Although I’ve had a number of great supervisors, been engaged in my own personal process work (with tremendously talented psychotherapists!), and am lucky enough to consult with a number of smart, trustworthy colleagues on a regular basis, there are still times when there’s more going on in a client dynamic than any of those traditional avenues can touch.


That’s when I reach out to Zev. Enactments, clinical impasse, countertransference: all of these conceptual understandings can lure us even further into our minds. Overanalysis is such an occupational hazard that in the beginning of my career it felt bottomless. Now I notice the huge exhale of relief that comes with me stepping away from ‘the analyzer’ in a reading or meditation class with Zev. Working with Zev is like having a direct line to what’s going on in my unconscious. All my defenses-and my smug professional ego identity– can go smoke a pipe in the corner with Freud’s ghost while, as if by magic, Zev helps me tune into what’s been there the whole time, patiently waiting for me to pay attention to it.


I think many of us know that we’re never ‘done’ with our own work, and that the absolute best thing we can do for our clients is to keep healing ourselves—working with Zev makes this ongoing work clear-cut and effortless, with huge payoffs in self-insight.


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