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My Passion

My great passion is facilitating healing for my clients and holding a neutral space for them to shed old patterns, uncover self-perceptions that do not serve, and to release pictures that limit self-love or cause conflict with others. How did I learn to see and shift energy?


Flashback: In the early ’80’s my aunt was a member of the first class of a fledging clairvoyance school in the Mission called Psychic Horizons. The school has changed locations over the years, but was long since established in the Mission District when I arrived in San Francisco in 2007. After some cajoling from my aunt to “give it a shot,” I finally decided to get a reading.


My Training

I was struck by how grounded, healing, and accurate the reading was. It was unlike any thing I had experienced before – because it seemed genuinely useful and transformative. There was something eminently real about it. The school was also quite egalitarian and neutral, which made it feel all the more safe and supportive. Before long I was taking meditation classes and after 6 months came and went in a flash, I was eligible to do the clairvoyant training program myself!


I had never considered the possibility that I might do this kind of training. But then again, the whole process was endlessly surprising. Learning to have facility with energy – to be able to see it, shift it, heal it – and get my own information about everything and anything was a game changer! And the practical shifts it created in my own life were a revelation: I could now own my own space, get grounded when I need to, and heal anything that came up along the way. In 2009 I graduated from the program a much happier, more present, and centered human being.


Yoga & Meditation

After the clairvoyant training had ended, I had the opportunity to join the 2010 200 hr. certification at Yoga Tree. It was a beautiful thing to be able to connect the energetics of psychic reading with the body and its dynamics. I’ve found that yoga has informed and enhanced my approach to healings for the physical ailments that are sometimes the focus of readings. It’s also greatly transformed my approach to meditation.


My Practice

I returned to the desert southwest in 2011 and continued to build my professional practice in clairvoyant readings and meditation training. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tucsonans were very receptive to this style of healing work. My clients have been my greatest teachers, and I am humbled to be of assistance to those in need, whatever it may be. I look forward to working with you here or long distance – wherever you may be!

“Zev Rubin has a profound mastery of his craft.”

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