A Gift of Power and Transformation

We get our information through many tributaries: the news, our social media feeds, friends, family, our past experience and future projections. But we each have an innate ability to get our own highest information for ourselves. The kind of information that can make a practical difference in the way we live and how we feel. Unfortunately, this ability can remain dormant until we reawaken it within.

The only thing that truly stands in the way from getting our own best and most utile information is ourselves and our self-afforded permission to be in charge of our attention selector: our consciousness. So how can this be transformed? One way is to take a directed look at our stuff, at the “pictures” which carve grooves in our attention. As we become aware of who we are, conscious of the choices we are making, we attain to a new level of power: and that allows us to make new decisions and to break out of stuck patterns.

A reading can help you or a loved one to see the thoughts, feelings, and belief structures that hamper personal freedom and self-empowerment. When we get in alignment with our knowingness, the doors of permission and access open to us. As we become more open to the flow of our own information in present time, we can let go of the old loops that bring anachronisms into our life. You’re not the same person you were yesterday, let alone 7 years ago or when you were a child. Why be beholden to outdated thoughts and beliefs about yourself that limit your happiness and joy?

Learning to meditate will teach you how to see and shift your own energy. Anyone can learn how to see energy. All that’s required is the intention to do so, a desire to understand. You can see the manifestations and results of your energy in everything you think, feel, and do. Why not awaken the innate abilities that provide the opportunity of choice? There’s nothing to lose but something that is already gone, the past.

The stresses that we encounter this time of year can make it difficult to stay present for the joys and togetherness. A clairvoyant energy reading can be a great way to resolve ambivalent feelings and attitudes around the holiday season. Attract more of the energy that you would like and finish the year on a high note.

From now until the end of the year I’m offering $10 off a 60 min. reading or meditation class and gift certificates. Readings are just as effective long-distance, so it makes a great gift for that person in your life who could use a spiritual pick-me-up or a new meditation practice.

Order a reading, meditation class, or gift card here.

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