To Affinity and Beyond: Spring Special

I often look at stumbling blocks in readings – the things that keep us from being who we’d like to be, doing what we’d like to do, and attracting what we’d like to have. Our inner resistance is a tenacious force and it feeds off of a bait and switch system, offering up pictures of who we should be, what we should do and what we should have, while we sublimate and ignore our knowingness of what we’d actually prefer. Then we rebel against all the shoulds and stagnation wins out.

One way to clean out all the shoulds is to see them for what they are so we can own them. Shoulds are pictures that don’t work for us, laden with weighted projections of reward and punishment. They are energized by self-judgement and unrelinquished rejections. If we can recognize that a picture is inauthentic, it becomes a matter of pragmatism to release this burdensome directive.

Owning that a picture is in your space doesn’t mean you are in affinity with it, nor does it mean that your are emboldening it – quite oppositely, it gives you the leverage to move it. You can’t be in charge of your space if you disown what’s there. You couldn’t clean out your garage if you couldn’t acknowledge the existence of all the junk on the shelves. Even (and especially) if its old, outdated stuff – you must see it and accept it is there in order to change it.

We can calibrate our experience to affinity by allowing the heart to guide the head. The mind operates within the realm of concepts, but conceptualizations blunt knowingness. Life doesn’t ask us to complete a check list of so-caled “right choices.” It provides opportunities to own and attract what we’d genuinely like.  We needn’t force ourselves into things. By uncovering the authentic level of our affinity, we tap into our grounded bodies and put our actions in line with choices that pay-off dividends – in the form of dreams realized, goals accomplished, and inner-self validation.

This spring, tap into your affinities and become the author of your story!


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