Property Cleansing

We all know that homes and business have “vibes” to them. When you enter a space you can usually tell pretty quickly whether or not you’d like to stick around. Houses and other buildings can have all kinds of energy attached to them.

Sometimes there are remnants of the builder’s intent. Sometimes the features of the land or vestiges of a previous structure leave a residue that can be just as pernicious. Then, of course, there are the energies of all those who have lived-in, worked-at, and sometimes passed-on from a space.

Fortunately, energy can be shifted. Just as a house that has long collected dust can be renewed with some intention and elbow grease, so too can the energy of any home or property be cleansed of stagnant and unwanted vibrations. I am happy to assist you – to make a new start and create a neutral, supportive space to own and create for your self!

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