Picture a sound recording board sporting row after row of switches panned left, right, near center – etc. Now extend this board out 500 feet to the left and right – nothing but rows and rows of switches all the way to the vanishing points. For a brief moment, let this giant abacus represent the sum of your awareness.

You are an electrical, energetic being. The information superhighway in your body contains an infinite series of pictures – pictures simply means differentiated energy – individual cells of light. Each cell may be charged one way or another, or neutral. For instance, you may prefer the music of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar to that of Van Halen with David Lee Roth (a theoretic possibility). You may have a charged picture about the Arab-Israeli conflict, or about your brother. You probably have charged pictures about Obama and drivers who dawdle in the passing lane for 12 miles.

To greater or lesser degrees, we come down on one side or another of most things we can think about. Even if it’s just a preference of one color versus another. But the kicker is, we attract whatever we put our attention on. So if people with weird laughs get you down, you are sure to notice them everywhere. We become drawn to something and then, because we are used to putting our attention there, a groove forms. And that is how a charge gets nice and comfortably seated in a picture.

We are drawn to what we are drawn to. Great art cannot be accomplished without absolute concentration and fixation. But that soundboard is 1000 ft. of pictures. Enlightenment means cleaning out your light – bringing your presets closer to center – not dead center: You aren’t dead. The more pictures you bring into balance, the lighter you get – physically, mentally, spiritually.

By the way, Spirituality is a fixation too. It can mean many things to many people. But to me it means something that helps clear the way, that brings me into alignment with my true self, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is energy that I don’t mind attracting to myself.

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