Trust Your Own Information


How many times have you failed to heed your own intuition about a situation or someone – only to later regret not listening to yourself? This question immediately provokes another for most people: How can you tell a genuine intuition from the background chatter of the mind or from fearful worrying? The answer is more of a “where” then a “how.”

Where is your attention? If you are worrying, it’s 100% accurate to say that you are concentrating your awareness in future time. Every time you go into worry you are projecting a mental process into a possible series of events or outcomes that may or may not come to pass. Though you might be able to forecast a future event or several, this is not intuition. This is the analyzer of the mind crunching data and leaking your energy into the void. And it’s safe to say that if you are worrying, your attention is in the front of your head, the frontal lobes of your brain.

If you bring your attention to the center of your headyou will experience something entirely different: You will get your knowingness. This is because the center of the head is a neutral space where you get your highest information. You can place your awareness anywhere really, but by being in the center of the head you are giving yourself a relaxed, plugged-in vantage point.

How is this done? Try an experiment: Take off your shoes and sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight. Close your eyes. Visualize a ball of gold energy above your crown. Let this gold ball descend through your crown and into the precise center of your head. Allow the ball to expand out to the edges of your head, moving out any thoughts – future worries, past regrets, extraneous information. Let this gold fill your head with your own knowingness and connection to your higher self. Then let the gold contract into a ball at the center of your head again and say hello to yourself in the center of your head. And from this place ask yourself whatever it is you would like to know. And whatever you get, trust your own information. This is a place where you can have it.

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