Let the Truck Go By

As I biked up to the surface from 4th Ave. underpass, the earth began to shake and rumble. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder to realize that a large truck was following and would surely overtake me half way down the block.

In an instant, I made a split decision – and not the sort of decision I would typically make. I suspect, under normal circumstances I might have gunned it in an attempt to avoid the fumes, loud noise, and possible nudge to my death – for as long as I could. But this time I ducked to my right onto 9th and circled around until the truck passed. I had to wait for a white pickup truck coming towards 4th. But all in all it took me less than a minute to get going again.

But I got something for this minute. No, it ain’t the end of the world if a big truck passes you by while your bike on a narrow, car lined street. Into all out lives big trucks must pass, be they gas snarling, decibel blasting vehicles of commerce, or heavy, cantankerous emotions. But in my experience, the loud noise and scary proximity of riding alongside a truck like this is not pleasant – and worse, I don’t think it’s great for the nervous system. Evolution prepared us to fight or flee large dangerous animals.

So here’s my point – let that truck pass. Let it barrel past and go where it’s heading. Give yourself permission to get where you’re going a minute later. At least give yourself that option. How often does it seem like we cant pull off the roadway – that we just have to grin and bear it.

What if we don’t.

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