The energetic underpinnings of mellow and stoked


Each reading I do teaches me new energetic procedure. The universe reveals secrets of healing as dictated by the needs of the client.
These procedures heal me as well and then become new tools in my set.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the importance of keeping an open heart and the strength that comes from letting my personal power flow. I’ve been realizing that ambivalence is a mind killer. It seems to me that ambivalence is the energy level of a war between affirmation and condemnation, acceptance and rejection. It is the energetic level of boredom.

That’s not so say intensity in and of itself is some spiritual virtue. Intensity is just one value on the graph of existence, of no intrinsic value unless it is controlled. And even then, intensity is just a volume knob. But if intensity is used with flourish, then a work of art can take on greater levels of contrast, meaning, and power.

That is the relationship of energetic pictures in our personal space: a connection of contrasts.
People ask about the meaning of things in their lives – the Meaning of things is something we each perceive for ourself. How we perceive this is very much dependent upon the interaction of our pictures and the intensity of that relationship.

That is to say: You can be mellow and stoked at the same time: mellow because the teeth and gears of your pictures are in communion, flowing; and stoked because you’ve surrendered yourself to joy, given yourself permission to be healed and at peace.

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