Plan ’13


Even if you didn’t see it coming, we’re on the ’13 doorstep. But it’s not too late to set your intention for the new year. What would like to change? What would you like to accomplish?

The media might have us pegged as the 99%, the 47%, or the 1% .. but why not choose to be the percent that means solidity in yourself –  complete, relaxed and powerful.

Be 100% in 2013.

As much as you can, however you can.

In your business dealings, romantic relationships, creative endeavors there’s a way to be that means you don’t need another person to do anything to complete you. That takes them off the hook and it puts the ball in your court – you have agency when you are 100% – and that makes things simple. You do not have to care and worry about what others think of you. It doesn’t matter what you think of them. When you allow yourself to be 100% you share a gift with everyone.

Set your energy and intention for 2013.

Contact me (Zev) at 415-269-6117 for a reading that helps you create a master-plan for 2013.

We can identify what it is you’d like to accomplish and helps to let go of 2012 energy. Turn your 99% into 100%. Turn your passions into power. Complete yourself. Let’s Plan 13.

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