The energy level of “Everything is Possible”

The energy level of “Everything is Possible” is a facet of presence. But it can be a scary level to assume because “everything is possible” contains both amazing outcomes and death itself. The problem is that without assuming this level, one dwells in the dream state of “everything seems safe because only expected or near-expected outcomes are possible.”

The truth is, awareness is a self-rewarding policy. The only thing the dream states can give you assuredly is complacence. Familiarity with one’s past outcomes can get out of hand. The dream turns the past into a freeze frame and the future into a haze of unrequited wish fulfillment.

Say hello to the energy level of “Everything is Possible.” It won’t bite. How would you feel if you were at this energy level? Let your answer to that well up in your heart and then give it to your head. “Everything is Possible” is an energy elixir.

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