Ask Yourself

One of the tenants of Psychic Horizons – the school where I trained to read energy – was the incitement to: Ask Yourself. As a professional psychic, it is basic to the job description that I help clients find answers. But I also see my role as a catalyst – in that I help people to open the tap to their own fountains of information.

Freed to get their own information with more agency, the way is cleared for my clients to cultivate a personal relationship with their energetic body and its connections to the physical self. I help people get out of their own way and let things flow towards greater self-possession, presence, and awareness.

I ask clients to wait 2 months between readings in order to let the foundation and structure of each healing manifest. And during that hiatus, it’s my sincere hope that my clients learn to flex their innate abilities to get their own information, to ask themselves.

I am very proud and honored to be part of the interdependent healing process of so many amazing people and love being witness to profound growth and change. I see my clients as their highest selves and marvel at the human capacity to self-actualize.

It’s one hell of a beautiful trip!

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